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Discover Jenna Ortega’s Favorite Home Design Trends

Welcome to another exciting blog post where we explore the world of home design and discover the favourite trends of our beloved celebrity, Jenna Ortega! Jenna is renowned for her incredible talent on screen, and her keen eye for interior design reflects her unique personality. From cosy and warm spaces to vibrant pops of colour, Jenna’s preferred home design trends will inspire you to transform your living space. 

Cozy and Warm: The Hygge Trend

One design trend that has gained popularity is the concept of hygiene. Pronounced “hoo-ga,” this Danish term embodies cosiness, warmth, and contentment. It’s all about finding joy in life’s simple pleasures. Incorporating elements of hygge into your home can transform it into a sanctuary where you can unwind and relax. Think plush blankets, soft lighting, and soothing colours like neutrals or pastels. Layering textures such as faux fur rugs or chunky knit pillows add depth and comfort to any room. Creating a cosy corner with a reading nook or a window seat filled with fluffy cushions will make you never want to leave! Add some candles for ambience and gentle music playing in the background for an extra touch of relaxation.

Minimalism with a Pop of Color

“Minimalism” has been a popular trend for quite some time now. And who better to take inspiration from than the talented Jenna Ortega? Known for her effortless and chic style, Jenna knows how to create a minimalist aesthetic that still feels warm and inviting. Incorporating pops of colour into a minimalist space is a great way to add personality and visual interest. Instead of overwhelming the room with bright hues, choose one or two statement pieces in vibrant shades that complement the neutral tones. For example, you could opt for a bold red chair or an abstract painting with deep blues. Another way to incorporate colour is through textiles such as pillows, rugs, or curtains. These small accents can instantly liven up any space without overpowering the minimalist vibe. Use rich jewel tones like emerald green or deep sapphire blue against crisp white walls and furniture.

Bringing Nature Indoors: Biophilic Design

Nature has a way of bringing peace and tranquillity to our lives. And Jenna Ortega understands this perfectly when it comes to home design. One of her favourite trends is biophilic design, which incorporates natural elements into indoor spaces. One way to achieve this is by adding plants throughout your home. They add a pop of greenery, purify the air, and create a calming atmosphere. Whether you opt for small succulents or large leafy plants, they instantly breathe life into any room. Another element of biophilic design is natural wood, stone, and bamboo. These materials not only add texture but also bring in the warmth and beauty of nature. From wooden furniture pieces to stone countertops, incorporating these elements can create an organic and inviting space.

Vintage and Thrifted Pieces for a Personal Touch

One of Jenna Ortega’s favourite home design trends is incorporating vintage and thrifted pieces into her space. She loves the character and charm that these unique items bring to a room. Vintage furniture, accessories, and decor add a touch of history and allow her to create a personal story within her home. Scouring flea markets, thrift stores, and online marketplaces have become an exciting treasure hunt for Jenna. She enjoys finding unique pieces that speak to her style and personality. Whether it’s an antique dresser with ornate details or a retro lamp that adds a pop of colour, these vintage finds instantly elevate any space. The beauty of using vintage items in home design is their ability to tell stories from different eras. Each piece holds its history and can spark conversations among guests who visit. It’s like having artefacts from the past displayed throughout your living space.

Mixing Old and New: Eclectic Design

Jenna Ortega’s love for home design knows no bounds, and one trend that truly captures her creative spirit is eclectic design. This style combines old and new elements to create a unique, personalized space. In an era where minimalism often takes centre stage, the eclectic design offers a refreshing departure from conformity. It allows you to showcase your personality through a curated collection of cherished items, whether vintage finds or modern pieces with a twist. One of the critical aspects of eclectic design is the artful blending of different styles, textures, patterns, and colours. Imagine pairing a sleek mid-century modern sofa with an ornate antique coffee table or combining vibrant Moroccan textiles with clean Scandinavian furniture. The possibilities are endless!


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